unneccesary noise

The university campus is currently under construction. Why they decided to start construction when everyones back for the new semester and not before is beyond me. However, it was during my walk to the student union that i noticed how i was the only person who was obviously irritated by this drilling noise. Okay i’m sure others were but i’m a very animated person; i couldn’t help but be physically annoyed. It made me realise that i dislike unneccesary loud noise. 

In the past 6 months, i’ve been to one festival and 3 concerts. All front row sans the festival, which means i’m positioned nearer the speakers but i don’t mind at all because i love music. But when it comes to drilling noise i have to make a conscious effort to not pull a face.

Leeds festival last summer was an experience. I had my first panic attack which was partially brought on by being dehydrated and drenched in so much mud; i’m clearly not an outdoorsy person.

The most recent concert i went to was last saturday. I’ve gone to concerts alone before however it was the first big concert held in an arena in my city that i’ve attended alone. Although i love the intimacy of a small venue, the stage decoration and production value of a bigger artist’s world tour is always appreciated. After queuing for so long and several delayed opening acts, Drake put on a great show. Although i had fun, i did miss having a friend to chat with whilst waiting for the show. 

I made a new years resolution a few years back to invest in experiences over material rewards and i’m glad that it’s now become second nature to me. 


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